Everything Rises & Falls on Leadership From a local church to an entire country success or failure can be traced directly to the quality of its leaders.


For either good or ill, a leader is like the first domino in line. The actions of a leader generate ripple effects throughout their entire organization, community or nation.  An effective servant leader is the spark that ignites followers and other leaders to embrace a great cause and reach higher, go farther and perform better to transform dreams into reality! A self-serving leader is like a stone that starts an avalanche of destruction. 

Founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell in 1996, EQUIP is dedicated to developing effective servant leaders-innovators, visionaries and achievers who shoulder responsibility, meet challenges with courage and creativity and never relinquish their God-given dreams. We believe that every person is born with the potential to influence others. We believe a leader can be anyone possessing the desire to make a difference, the willingness to serve,  the humility to learn and the capacity to love.


At EQUIP, we know that leaders are not developed overnight or on their own but through a process of focused instruction, application and evaluation.   We  train leaders of character and competence, integrity and influence because they are the agents of change on our plant.   

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